Thoughts on Getting to See “Twilight: Eclipse” (7th Screening of Opening Day)

Self caught the 1:30 screening in Theater # 2 at the Century 20 in downtown Redwood City.

Amazingly, THERE WAS NO LINE!  At least, not for the theater self was seeing it in (There was a line for the 2 pm screening, across the lobby.  Go figure!)

There was a group of about 60 kids swarming in around the same time as self, and self asked one of the accompanying chaperones which movie she was taking the kids to see.  “Toy Story 3,” she responded.  Thank God!  If it had been one of the movies self was angling to see, she would have turned around and gone home!

So, anyhoo, there was plenty of space in the 1:30 screening of “Twilight:  Eclipse”  (After reading IMDB Sean Maher boards yesterday, about the “hot-ness” of vampires, did you really think self was going to see something like “The Karate Kid” today, dear blog readers ???)

Well, this one was waaay better than the second one!  Here are some discoveries self made while watching the movie:

  • Victoria is a new Victoria.  Self thinks it was Bryce Dallas Howard playing Victoria in this version.  Her face is much too sweet for a Vampire, but luckily you can’t really tell it’s Bryce Dallas Howard until pretty late in the movie (Before then, she’s mainly just a mass of gorgeous red curly hair darting around!)
  • Everyone in the audience was female with the exception of one little dude, about 10, who was walking out directly in front of self after the movie ended.  (He came with his mom, a woman who seemed to be in her 30s.  What a nice boy!)
  • Jasper is hot!  Self never noticed him before!
  • Ashley Greene just keeps getting more and more beautiful (She plays Alice)
  • Peter Facinelli is also hot (Likewise, self never noticed his hot-ness before)
  • Taylor Lautner is still hot (His first shirt-less scene produced quite an audible sigh in the audience)
  • Robert Pattinson’s Edward has turned into a controlling wuss.
  • Kristen Stewart is developing quite a nice butt (Self never noticed before)
  • Dakota Fanning’s acting chops are pretty much wasted.  All she does is glare!
  • All the humans/werewolves look like Filipinos —  BWAH.  HA.  HA!!!

This movie evokes the moody cinematography of the original.  Self loves the overhead shots, the jumping-through-the-air shots, the preppy-looking vampire who plays the leader of the “New Army” (looks like Julianna Margulies’ assistant in “The Good Wife.”  What is his name?), the Tom-Skerritt-like Dad of Bella Swan.

All in all, it was very entertaining, and self only glanced at her watch once, about five minutes before the movie ended. (Eric Snider, by the way, gave this movie a “B.”  Self really likes Eric’s reviews!)

Afterwards, self dropped by the Barnes & Noble in Sequoia Station and proceeded to torture herself by browsing through a copy of Best American Short Stories (the one edited by Alice Sebold).  There is one short story there written by a woman who was born in Zambia in 1980.  Of further interest:  Tin House had a lot of entries!  (Which means anyone reading this blog should never bother submitting to Tin House:  they have a ga-zillion more submissions now, for sure!  Probably get about a thousand a day!)

When self got home, she was feeling nice and content.  So she decided to look up her three most viewed movie-related posts of the past year.  And they were:

  1. “500 Days of Summer:  Best Rom-Com So Far This Year”
  2. “Quote of the Day:  Live Long and Prosper”
  3. “Hit Girl Wields Balisong!”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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