The Economist Books: 22 May 2010

Books self is interested in reading after perusing the Book Reviews in the 22 May 2010 issue of The Economist:

Edmund de Waal’s The Hare With the Amber Eyes:  A Hidden Inheritance

The story of a collection:  264 miniature figurines that Charles Ephrussi (on whom his “protegé,” Marcel Proust, modelled “the aesthete Charles Swann”) “bought as a job lot during the infatuation with Japonisme that swept 1870s Paris” and that, in author de Waal’s hands, become “the thread of this history of his ancestors”

Angus Trumble’s The Finger:  A Handbook

“An intriguing but verbose book” that “investigates fingers in art, from cave pictures through to Michelangelo’s Creation of Man, classical works by Anthony van Dyck and Peter Paul Rubens portraying the fashion for gloves, and Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, with its anatomically correct knuckles and nails.”

Sebastian Junger’s War

“The story of a year-long tour of Afghanistan by an American army platoon, with whom Mr. Junger was embedded for several spells,” and which “is, among other things, an outstanding war report:  a precise and gripping account of some of the fiercest battles involving American soldiers in recent times.”

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