Today I marvel at:

  • The young girl in the Mountain View Farmers Market this morning, thin as a sapling, pale, who picked over a mound of cherries as if searching for that elusive, perfect one, who must have spent at least 10 minutes hovering, hovering, carefully moving aside cherries with her fingers. And I of course had to wait until this goddess was through, so that I could pick through the cherries she had rejected, and — what a miracle — there were still a few that met my expectations.
  • My hair stylist, Erly, Filipina, who was eating today when I showed up at noon. “Is that from the Chinese restaurant next door?” I asked. Some kind of soup, and it smelled heavenly. “No,” Erly said. “One of my customers made it and brought it for me. Chicken tinola.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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