Reading for the Day: Aeneas Slumbers

The dead of night.
Over the earth all weary living things, all birds and flocks
were fast asleep when captain Aeneas, his heart racked
by the threat of war, lay down on a bank beneath
the chilly arc of the sky and at long last
indulged his limbs in sleep.

    — from p. 242 of the Robert Fagles translation of Virgil’s The Aeneid

And of course, it is 11:41 pm in New York, and self should logically be making like Aeneas and laying her weary head down to sleep. But she can’t possibly call it quits for the day without enumerating the various wonders she has seen, on this her most recent visit to The Splendid City:

  • the Prada Store in Soho (northwest corner of Broadway and Prince): Holy Mackerel! Such a beautiful store, all blonde hardwood floors and chrome shelving, with the Prada handbags displayed as if in a museum!  (Self just discovered it was designed by Rem Koolhaas. No wonder it felt more like a museum than a store!)
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim Store in Soho: Self only entered this one because she has such poor eyesight that she thought “Philip Lim 3.1” was saying “Philippines.” There was also a big SALE sign by the door, but when self went in, she found not one single item on sale.
  • Agent Provocateur store in Soho: Would you believe, pantyhose selling for $50 each, and underwire bras for $350???
  • There was a London shoe store that just opened, somewhere near Dean & de Luca in Soho. My God, it was packed with young things wearing shoes that rightly belonged in a museum: the kind that look impossible to walk in. All sequined and sparkly, in Day-Glo colors. Self thinks the brand was “London xxxx.” Naturally, none of the salesgirls bothered approaching self to ask if she wanted to try on anything: definitely a place for Katy Perry or Christina Aguilera! There was actually a young woman there taking pictures, and self ardently wished she could do same, but was afraid she would appear twice as lame as she already did.

Self wisely skipped Dean & De Luca. She also resisted Kenneth Cole. She entered Guess? but it was yet another case of: “Dream on, self!” To tell the truth, self was looking for the vendor who sold her the “seat saver,” on Saturday. But apparently she got his schedule wrong, for he was not by the place where she had last seen him, a block away from the “R” station on Prince.

Best quote of the day: A young blonde woman in very short shorts and huge sunglasses was walking by when she was accosted by a pair of young men who were practically screaming at her: “Are you from ‘The Hills’ ???” The young woman only picked up her pace and did not deign to reply.

Also, the funniest thing self saw today was on her favorite ride (# 6 downtown).  Self saw a really handsome man in a three-piece suit and shiny black leather shoes sink into a seat and immediately flip open a newspaper (La Republica).  Not two seconds later, a huge African American man wearing the blackest of shades squeeezed in next to the handsome young man and squeezed him so tightly that the young man looked like he was a hedgehog.  Crinkle, crinkle went the newspaper.  But the young man pretended nothing was happening and kept his eyes firmly fastened on newspaper, even though it looked like the other man was practically sitting on his lap.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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