Self Regrets That

Self regrets that she has never tried, not even once, drinking lambanog or tuba.

Self regrets that it’s been such a long time (maybe — gulp — even a decade?) since she has eaten a balut.

She regrets that she had to get to college before tasting her first kinilaw.

She regrets that she gnawed through her last stick of raw sugar cane the week she visited Bacolod for her father’s funeral.

It’s been at least a decade since she’s tasted langka, her faaaavorite fruit in the entire world.

When was the last time she ate a santol? She was probably still a teen-ager.

One thing she’s always had and will never give up are her bottles of bagoong (Salcedo Village Farmers Market) and Rufina patis (sold at Marina Mart in Foster City).  One of her brothers, who also has a stall in  the Salcedo Village Farmers Market, can sometimes send her bottles of rich, yummy, super-high-in-cholesterol talangka.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Self Regrets That

  1. Stella,

    I love langka so much. I remember the cook having to buy these huge pods, the entire langka pod, and cart it home from the market. That thing was HUGE!

    So, I love langka plain, but I also look for it in halo halo. For me, halo halo isn’t complete without langka!


  2. I love langka, duhat, star apple, camias, santol, lanzones, mangoes, sampaloc, atis, siniguelas, singkamas, strawberries from Baguio, papaya, all the bananas, all the saba, kamote, at iba pa.


  3. No Filipino restaurant in this area. We would have to go to NYC but then everything is there. I liked Cendrillon in NYC, but they closed and now there is Purple Yam in Brooklyn. Of course there is tons in Woodside, Queens. Happy trip to NY next week!!!


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