“Justified”, Episode 11

All right, “Justified” is now a certified addiction. If self can watch a show for 11 straight weeks without a break, that is an addiction (Oh noooo! Self just realized she’ll be in Noo Yawk the week after next! On a Tuesday! Luckily, brother-in-law has a TV! She just has to figure out what channel F/X is in New York! Maybe self can organize a “Justified”-watching party with her New York friends! Or maybe they’ll laugh their heads off at self!)

Or, wait! Self just heard an announcement that next week’s episdoe is the “Season Finale”!  Oh, what a relief that self will still be home, in Cali-fuh-niah!

Self loves, in this eleventh episode:

  • Raylan, of course.  And his Stetson.
  • The fact that Ava is drunk in a bar, without Raylan (wearing a ruffle-necked, very girl-y dress:  Not at all her usual style, dear blog readers!)
  • The fact that Boyd Crowder is in sooo many scenes (That actor is so Shakespearean. Self can just imagine him as some snarky Iago)
  • The fact that Raylan’s dad, Arlo, and his aunt Helen (married to Arlo) are in this episode. More great acting.  Each of their scenes is mined for maximum irony.
  • The dialogue. Trust self, this show is all about the dialogue.  Despite strenuous efforts by F/X to promote this series as a Western shoot ’em up.
  • The brief shot of a dog’s shadow slinking past an empty gasoline pump.  (All right, so maybe this show is also about the background shots)
  • How broken-down Raylan’s father’s house is. It’s possibly more broken-down even than self’s.

At the risk of repeating herself, self will say:

  • She really likes Nick Searcy, who plays Raylan’s boss.
  • She really likes Jacob Pitts, who plays “the sniper from Afghanistan” (and who’s also getting hotter with every episode, hellooo !!!  Towards the end of this episode, he shows up in jeans and checked shirt over what must surely be the whitest white T-shirt self has ever seen on an American male)

Winona made an appearance in an extremely snug pale pink sweater-dress. Bitch! Stop strutting your stuff around Raylan!

Naturally, hubby thinks she is a fox.

Not self! Self thinks Raylan is better off with Ava!

Hubby says Ava is dumb.

Self says Winona is dumb, for marrying that loser of a real-tor.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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