“Justified” Episode 9/ Hatless

First of all, self would like to thank F/X for extending this series for another season.  The only thing that makes her sad is wondering how long it will be for Season 2 to get on the air.  But, once, again, self digresses.

Following, a list of self’s favorite things about Episode 9, “Hatless” :

  • The opening scene in the bar. Raylan is so fetching when he is confronting drunken yokels and playing the gallant. The two yokels take Raylan out to the back and give him a good ass-whuppin’. This is also a very good thing — for the series, if not for Raylan’s face.  A series hero, even one so seemingly indestructible as Raylan Givens, must at some point provide a touching display of vulnerability, no matter how temporary.
  • This is also good because it gives Raylan’s ex-wife a chance to “rescue” him, take him back to his crummy apartment, wipe his bloody face, remove his shirt, and tuck him into bed. Ha! Excellent.
  • Raylan goes to the office of (very pointy-eyebrowed) enforcer, Wynne Duffy. Honestly, this guy looks so familiar. Was he in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”? If not, someone should cast him in a Star Trek something, pronto. His pointy eyebrows are so alien-looking.
  • There is a scene where Winona’s husband, Gary, goes to the house of a friend, an ex-football player,  to get help. This is so idiotic, self loves it (Any man married to Winona should be clueless and idiotic: Then Winona can spend the rest of her life ruing the Big Mistake she made by divorcing Raylan) The ex-football player is so loyal, he even goes with Gary to Duffy’s office to, like, intimidate him? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Self loves it when characters act illogical.
  • There is a young punk wearing a muscle shirt who happens to be in Duffy’s office, sitting with barely restrained aggression, when Gary and friend/ex-football star/moral support guy show up.  This guy, whoever he is, is good.  His dialogue is completely one-note and lacks the barbed complexity of, say, a Boyd Crowder, but he proves himself highly useful as a human piñata.
  • Next, ex-football star is shown preparing a gourmet meal in his kitchen and singing. Of course you know what happens next, dear blog readers! No one has any right to own a kitchen with all those copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. It’s disgusting. Anyone who owns such a kitchen, displays his love of cooking, and furthermore rubs it in by singing, is definitely asking for an ass-whuppin’.
  • Raylan has only his second encounter of the season with the snitch who was in Episode 3. Oh, self loves this snitch. He sits in a supposedly typical Kansas restaurant (The decor is a 60s throwback: orange and brown walls???) and is shown imbibing such things as egg creams and steak and potatoes. The waitresses wear a uniform consisting of a polyester red top that is very un-becoming. That’s why self loves the uniforms. Any waitress who works in such an old-style family restaurant in Kentucky should not be concerned with her appearance.
  • Finally, this is an episode where, as in Episode 2, Raylan loses his Stetson.  He goes around asking various characters, at odd moments, “You haven’t seen my hat, have you?”  Har har har!  Self is tickled pink, waiting for the hat to make a serendipitous re-appearance.

And now Gary, Winona’s husband, is getting the crap beaten out of him! This is a scene requiring 100% focused concentration!  Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.


  1. Victoria said,

    May 20, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    I luv it! HELLO FELLOW JUSTIFIED LOVER! Love you blog! its hilarious and exciting. I also hope season two doesn’t take forever to come out. This is a great show! It couldn’t get any better! EEK! ^_^

  2. May 20, 2010 at 3:08 pm

    Welcome to our shared addiction!

    You haven’t heard any announcements about Season 2 yet, have you?

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