Philippine Elections: Second-Hand Report

The Philippine people voted (for a new President) on Monday, May 10.

First reports this morning were that Erap was leading.


For those dear blog readers not from the Philippines, Erap was a former action star who has already been President, only he was deposed for corruption and sentenced to house arrest, etc.

Years ago, when self was working as hapless program administrator at Stanford, an office colleague came up to her and said, “I just heard about the President of the Philippines trying to commute someone’s death sentence.  Only, by the time he’d decided to pardon the man, the condemned had already begun his walk to the execution chamber.  And in the time it took for someone to walk back and answer the phone, which was in another room, the man had been executed.”


And the punch line was, this office colleague looked at self and said (And this line has remained forever embedded in self’s memory):  “So is he dufus, or what?”

Self does not recall her response.

OK, slight revision here:  Noynoy Aquino (son of Beloved Cory) is narrowly ahead of Erap.  By the slimmest of margins.

One other candidate, Mar Roxas, who in the general opinion of self’s closest friends is pretty smart, is running behind the long-time Mayor of Makati, Jejomar Binay.


Never, ever in the history of self’s blog has she ever had to report such jaw-dropping (preliminary) election results, dear blog readers.

Stay tuned.

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