“Justified” Ep. 8/ Blowback

Where oh where was self when Timothy Olyphant was in “Deadwood”?

Oh, that’s right, self doesn’t get HBO.

Which is why, when “A Perfect Getaway” showed up in movie theatres last year, self had no idea who people were talking about when they said Timothy Olyphant. Timothy Olyphant.  Timothy Olyphant.

OK, self hated that movie, all right?  Hated it so much that she actually called it one of the worst movies of 2009.

Then, about eight weeks ago, she saw the pilot for “Justified.”

Hooooly @@##!!

Who was that smokin’ hot guy in the Stetson?

OMG, it’s Timothy Olyphant!  Who is 40 or 41, which means he’s been around a while!  And self, in spite of being such a movie-phile, had never heard of him!

But self was hooked, hooked, inexorably hooked.  And she hasn’t skipped a single episode this season (Ah, yes:  F/X finally announced there will be a Season 2 of “Justified.”  Jubilation!).

But TO is not the only reason she watches.  There also happen to be great actresses in this series:  namely, Joelle Carter (Self just loves her!) and Natalie Zea.  And every episode (while admittedly not as bracingly pungent as the pilot, which — “instant classic” is the only way self can think of to describe it!) has featured a whole rainbow of interesting/eccentric characters.  And there is Nick Searcy, who plays TO’s boss, who is another actor self had never heard of, but who charms her utterly.

And now self has got to turn her attention back to Episode 8.  Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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