Wake-Up Call: New York Times Op-Ed on Spill

It was with a great big “klunk” in the pit of her stomach that self read the following lead-in to a New York Times Op-Ed article, dated Saturday, 1 May 2010.  Before that, the Times Square almost-explosion and the soon-to-be-out-of-work Gulf Coast fishermen were simply parts of a great morass of chatter in self’s brain.  After reading the editorial, however, self finally accepted that the oil spill was a trauma of far-reaching proportions.  So, print journalism still has the power to crystallize self’s thinking :

President Obama has ordered a freeze on new offshore drilling leases as well as a “thorough review” into what is almost sure to be the worst oil spill in this country’s history  —  exceeding in size and environmental damage the calamitous Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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