Rainy April Wednesday: Perusing RUELLE ELECTRIQUE

Who cares about the unseasonably heavy rain?

Who cares about Florida Governor Charlie Crist deciding to run as an Independent?

Who cares about Tiger and Jesse James? (Though self finds herself caring very much about Kim Kardashian and the revelations that she was a domestic abuse victim).

And why oh why, self, did you send that follow-up e-mail to McSweeney’s?  Even though you read on their website that they only have two editors to plow through thousands of submissions a month?  Where is your writer-ly patience, your customary savoir-faire?

Self has just returned from her usual Wednesday stint at The Writing Center. In the space of two hours, she must have looked at eight papers, on subjects ranging from philosophy to genetics (Probably why her brain feels somewhat disjointed today!) and went through her usual routine: checking the snail mail (no rejections today), checking the e-mail (Self, with great bravado, coughed up $20 for Narrative Winter Story Contest, found out she didn’t win — HA HA HA!!! — but hey, among the finalists were some very big names, so self will not gripe), then going through her bookmarked websites.

And it was with great pleasure that self found, on Ruelle Electrique, this re-cap of the Growing Up Filipino II reading, a few weekends ago, at the I-Hotel in Manilatown. Self thinks back fondly on that day, on how sunny it was, on how much fun she had wandering Chinatown with niece and niece’s friend, Peter. The write-up was written by oh-so-talented Rashaan Alexis Meneses. Check it out, dear blog readers.

* * * *

And, has self gone completely demented? Last night was of course “Justified” Episode 7, and it was great. Self noted that the writer of last night’s episode was a woman (Wendy something?). She missed the wild smoothness of the pilot and Episode 2 (written by Graham Yost), but it was one of the stronger episodes of the season. Self just realized that she loves when the women (Ava or Winona) are in more scenes. Also when the Crowders are in the picture, threatening all with their macho surliness.

Stay tuned.

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