Today, Third Sunday in April 2010: Three-Hour Nap, Still Reading Shteyngart, NYTBR 4 April 2010

Today, self had to go to the City (Car held up —  hooray!  Also, it was not raining).

Afterwards, she thought she’d curl up on the couch while hubby watched his sports games.  She’d hardly been sitting for five minutes when her eyes began to close.  Then she had a dream of kicking the older dog, Bella, for eating some plants (This was a dream that most decidedly derived from real life).  Several times, she was aware of hubby standing in front of her supine form and jumping up and down.  Or slamming the door, VERY LOUD.  Or of the dogs whimpering at her feet.  Licking her hands (with their snouts that are usually buried in doo doo).  Finally, after all these importunings, self woke up.  She’d been asleep FOR THREE HOURS.  It was 8 pm, and starting to get dark.

Up she jumped, and proceeded to cook hubby a wonderful meal of ground meat torta (Even though she noticed that he’d already had popcorn, hotdog, and what have you, judging from the mess in the kitchen).

Then she checked in on her on-line class.  Then she fed the dogs.  Then she checked her e-mail and there was nothing.  From anyone.  Then she turned to her Shteyngart book.  And there is an OMG hilarious letter from his Brooklyn lady-love, who dumps him (having met a new man:  Her Creative Writing Professor at Hunter College)

He says that …  you always viewed me from the Position of a Colonialist Oppressor.  You always secretly look down at me.  I tried to talk to you so many times about my Writing when I was in russia but you never seemed to listen.  Its always you you you.  Your ignoring me just like my family and that’s going to hurt my self as-team.  Also Proffessor Shteynfarb said its wrong when you throw your shoe at your servant (I’m sorry, but I think that’s true).  Also he says its wrong when you an your friend alosha try to do your rapping and pretend your from the ghetto because thats also being a Colonialist.  He gave me a book by Edward Said, which is super hard, but its worth it.

Then tomorrow self will pay her Verizon bill, which thank God she still has the funds for.  In the meantime, here’s the list of the books self is interested in reading after perusing the 10 April 2010 issue of The New York Times Book Review:

1.    After reading Tracy Lee Simmons’ fascinating review of Duane W. Roller’s Cleopatra:  A Biography:

Duane W. Roller’s Cleopatra:  A Biography

2. After reading Cathleen Medwick’s review of Fernanda Eberstadt’s new novel, Rat:

Fernanda Eberstadt’s new novel, Rat

3. After reading Andrea Wulf’s entertaining review of Chloe Schama’s Wild Romance: A Victorian Story of a Marriage, a Trial and a Self-Made Woman:

Chloe Schama’s Wild Romance: A Victorian Story of a Marriage, a Trial and a Self-Made Woman

4. After reading Polly Morrice’s review of Siri Huvstedt’s The Shaking Woman: Or, A History of My Nerves:

Siri Huvstedt’s The Shaking Woman: Or, A History of My Nerves

Stay tuned, dear blog readers. Stay tuned.

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