“Justified” Episode 3

So far, the weakest of the three episodes.

But, self has decided that what makes this series so much fun to watch are the set pieces, such as the one that opened Episode 2, when the man who’d been shot in the chest —  miraculous survival! — in the previous episode, Boyd Crowder (turns out he was Raylan’s childhood friend), was talking about how he put off activating the morphine drip because he wanted his head clear for his talk with Raylan. Also, the scene where Raylan is escorting a convict to another prison, and Raylan and the convict get into a barbed conversation about “kin,” which (naturally) winds up leading to a scuffle, and Raylan cracks the man’s head into the steering wheel. Also, the scene where Raylan gets locked into a storage room by an escaped convict and they politely bid each other good night. (!@#!). Also, also —

Self, that’s enough! You’re posting about Episode 3, if you’ll remember?

Well, then, Episode 3 was rather slow, at least compared to the first two. Raylan again kills a man: that makes it 3 for 3.  One man killed per episode.  Self doesn’t really mind, though.  Perhaps Raylan Givens should keep killing one man per episode.  That would show that the producers aren’t afraid to be accused of following a formula!  Way to go, producers!

Self’s favorite scenes were these:

  • Raylan meets a snitch at a restaurant, and the snitch gets Raylan to try some chocolate-y, frothy thing (looks like a Starbucks Frappucino) that supposedly has an egg in it.
  • Raylan and Ava play pool:  Everything in this scene is double entendre, if you get self’s drift
  • Raylan shows “black Mr. Clean” how a duel (with pistols) should go down.

Another beauty of the series: the supporting characters. Episode 2 had Cooper the escaped convict and his exotic dancer wife (Such a scream, those two were!)

Self loves the actor who plays the sniper, he has just the right touch of sardonic flair. Last episode — that is, # 2 — sniper guy was reading from a report and described, with absolute poker-face, how the get-away driver of a bank heist was “a member of Mensa,” how he got behind the wheel of the car and “hilarious hi-jinks ensue,” and how he ended up smashing the car into a tree, going through the windshield and straight “into the after-life.” The timing of his delivery was just impeccable. It had self completely in stitches, all the way!

Even though last night was not as enthralling as the previous two episodes, self will keep watching.

Good Lord, self’s insomnia is getting so bad that now she’s down to two hours sleep a night. But somehow she is still ambulatory!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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