Friday Evening, Still Awake

What an achievement! Even though self’s brain is fogged up (She believes she got close to three hours sleep — spread over 12 hours), she managed to pick up three 1-gallon pots of Osteospermum (What an odd name, but anyhoo) from Home Depot, her new favorite plant place. One-gallon plants were $4.45 each, what a deal! Though the drawback is that a lot of them look like they’ve been underwatered, or have roots crawling out of the bottom of the pot, so self makes sure she only gets plants that look like they haven’t been allowed to languish. Today there were quite a few serious shoppers who reached in and pulled out individual specimens and positioned them this way and that, so self didn’t feel at all conspicuous doing same.

Then self went to Laurel Street in downtown San Carlos and bought four cans of Fruitables Pumpkin Canine Digestive Supplement from Bow Wow Meow, of course for her two overweight li’l crits ($3.45 a can, and she uses up four cans a week).

Then she went home and planted some more (Bergenia cordifolia “Autumn Joy”). Then she took the two li’l crits for a very long walk (and had to pick up poop twice).

Then she suddenly had one of those flashes of insight that occur to her every once in a while, and decided that, for the first time in, oh, maybe six months, she would order a pizza instead of cooking dinner. But first she had to clear it with hubby, whose moods these days tend towards the unpredictable. So tra-la, tra-la, tra-la, she gave hubby a call in his bee-yoo-tiful glass office across the Bay, and she thought he would be sympathetic with her extreme sleepiness and need to avoid cooking dinner (lest she experience a soporific moment while cooking and set the house afire, which he is always saying will happen one day, as self seems so often in a somnambulistic state), but instead he sounded most exasperated, even after self let him choose which pizza he wanted (Self would have gone for the anchovy and olives, but hubby, being a true male, wanted the “All Meat Marvel,” and furthermore he demanded a large, which cost about $10 more than self expected to pay, but anything to keep the Dear Man in a good mood!)

So, self made the call to New York Pizza, and no sooner had she gotten a live person on the line than her Call Waiting was activated, and self saw it was a 650 area code, and wouldn’t you know, the darn phone never rang, not once, all day. So who could this be calling her while she is on hold with New York Pizza? It turned out to be her doctor, who in contrast to hubby was aghast that she was still awake and still running errands with only three hours sleep, and he was giving her a prescription for extra extra strong sleeping pills and self could pick up the prescription on Monday (so that means she only needs to get through Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in somnambulistic state)


Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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