Helloooo, Friday

Self is ready. Self is so ready.

For one thing, her brain has fried. She fell asleep on the couch (while watching NatGeo channel with hubby, something about meteors hitting the earth, giant tsunamis, WHAM! Life is over), woke up to see Craig Ferguson, crawled to the bed, had sudden access of inspiration, got up from the bed, began typing on her laptop, then felt sleepy (at last!) around 2:38 a.m., lay herself down to sleep, started scratch, scratch, scratching her arms (Could it have been the baby caterpillar that fell down the back of her sweatshirt this morning??), looked again at the clock, and it was 5 a.m.

So, though self has sworn, sworn never to take a sleeping pill for the rest of her life, she took a sleeping pill. At 7:30, she heard distinctly the two li’l crits’ plaintive whines. She stayed curled up under the blanket — pretending — and after what seemed a very long while, hubby wearily roused himself to let them out. Then, self remembers having a rather curious dream (which meant she must have been asleep). Then she woke up. It was 9 a.m. and the sun was shining.

Self stumbled groggily to backyard, started planting some little things called omphalodes cappadocia (not in any of her gardening books, not even in the Sunset Western Gardening Encyclopedia), on automatic pilot, of course. Spread bone and blood meal with abandon, still had enough presence of mind to construct brick and branch towers of defense against Gracie’s marauding paws, went back inside, to laptop, decided to mosey over to Small Press Distribution, decided to check out “Fiction Bestsellers” (Incidentally, it was so depressing to learn that her Mayor of the Roses is number 5,345,091 on Amazon — and she thought she couldn’t get any lower than 2,903,547!) and saw there Zack Linmark’s Rolling the R’s. Wow! Must tell Zack, at first opportunity.

Now, must get dressed, must wake up, must get to Home Depot to see what “basic greenery” she can purchase for $9.99. Then shlep to Post Office, since she bravely decided to join yet another contest, this one with fee of $20 but it comes with a subscription so that’s OK. Then to Bow Wow Meow on Laurel Street in San Carlos, which is practically the most “happening” place in all of San Carlos, what with all the pet owners stopping by to chat, beloved pets running wild all over the store, every breed from Samoyed to poodle to French pug.

If self is still alive, she will go home, try to fantasize some more about Timothy Olyphant in “Justified.” (God, that last episode was just so perfect. Self remembers one shot in particular where Olyphant reaches across a table for his trademark white Stetson, and his little pinkie is extended. Is that actor such a stickler for detail or what???) There are eight more episodes in this series, so that means self’s next eight Tuesday evenings are booked, no interruptions allowed!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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