Backwards: NYTBR 28 February 2010

Self’s “pile of stuff” is all mixed up! Last week she posted about the 14 March New York Times Book Review, and now she’s posting about an issue two weeks before that. You’re a mess, self! A real mess!

Anyhoo, here are the books self is interested in reading (if she ever lives long enough) after perusing the 28 February 2010 issue of The New York Times Book Review:

1.    After reading Alida Becker’s review of Peter Hessler’s new book,Country Driving: A Journey Through China

2.    After reading Robin D. G. Kelley’s review of Nadine Cohodas’ biography of the singer Nina Simone, Princess Noire:

3.    After reading Jason Goodwin’s review of Paul Theroux’s latest novel, A Dead Hand:  A Crime in Calcutta:

  • Paul Theroux’s non-fiction The Great Railway Bazaar (which self read a looong time ago, and which ignited in her an appetite for quirky travel writing which continues to this day)
  • A Dead Hand:  A Crime in Calcutta (Self heard part of an NPR interview with Theroux on this new book, and it sounded hysterical:  or perhaps that was merely Theroux’s finely honed, self-deprecating, characteristically ironic authorial stance)

4.    After reading Judith Newman’s review of Dani Shapiro’s new memoir, Devotion:

  • Dani Shapiro’s 1998 memoir, Slow Motion
  • Devotion

5.    After reading Marilyn Stasio’s “Crime” column:

  • Mark Mills’ wartime thriller set on the island of Malta, The Information Officer
  • Matt Beynon Rees’ new mystery featuring Omar Yussef, “a Palestinian who teaches history at a school for girls in Bethlehem,” The Fourth Assassin

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