Self thinks the following dialogue is too, too funny:

    AYING: What’s that? (pointing to the Barracks)

    REDFORD: That? It’s a … a prison … for … a … very bad surfers. You don’t want to go there.

    AYING: Are you a rapist?

    REDFORD: (to the audience) This is a concern? (to AYING) No. Of course not. Do I look like a rapist?

    AYING: Why are you asking me? I don’t know.

    REDFORD: (to the audience) I am reeling from this encounter. There is a rush of … energy … of emotions … it’s like … I don’t know what it’s like. But there is a connection here that I’ve never sensed with anyone before. I’m good about things like that. I am a well-honed sensor of connections. This. This is a good connection and … oh my god … the … woman is pissing on the beach!

    (Aying has lifted her skirt and is peeing on the beach, standing up. Redford turns his back and tries to provide some cover.)

To be continued.

Ah, What a Difference a Year (Or a Day) Makes

A year ago, “Slumdog Millionaire” (a film self didn’t like) was crowned Best Picture at the Oscars, thereby causing self consternation and dismay. This year, however, self’s particular favorite, “The Hurt Locker,” won the Oscar for Best Picture, probably stunning a lot of movie critics (Peter Travers of Rolling Stone called it for “Avatar,” just the day before the Oscars), and causing self to go Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy. And, self is sure, leaving quite a number of irate “Avatar”-lovers gnashing their teeth (including, no doubt, Jim Cameron: Self hates to imagine the scene at home, after the ceremony. Self felt exceedingly sorry for Suzy Amis, who loyally appeared with hubby but looked so frail and, quite frankly, out of it.)

And, not even a year ago, Ewan McGregor’s career seemed to sink to a new low with his appearance in what self considers one of the worst movies of 2009, “Angels and Demons.” (Self cannot quite call it the worst, because there was something called “The Box” and another one called “All About Steve” which might vie for “worst movie of 2009” honors) Dear blog readers know self’s penchant for drama, but take it from her: to call “Angels and Demons” execrable would be a kindness. This month, however, he is appearing in a very good movie, perhaps the best movie self has seen so far this year: “The Ghost Writer.” His performance is so good that self really wants to see the movie again (The movie also features sharp performances from Pierce Brosnan, Kim “Sex in the City” Cattrall, and Olivia “Last-Seen-in-Dollhouse” Williams, with Williams’ performance being the one self liked most, after Ewan’s)

Let’s see, what else? A little more than a year ago, the President rode into office on an unprecedented wave of popularity. Now, The Economist calls him “the man who fell to earth” (The Economist, 23 January 2010) and states: “To lose, on a 43-point swing, a Senate seat that has been in Democratic hands since 1953 takes some doing, even in the teeth of the worst recession since the 1930s . . . A succession of Democratic senators and representatives have decided to retire rather than face the voters in this year’s midterms.”

And now to what a difference a day makes: Yesterday was cold, blustery and rainy. Self cursed the heavens. Today, self opened her eyes at 7 am (After 3 1/2 hours sleep: the sound of the rain was just too disturbing and depressing) and — Hallelujah! — the sun was shining! Self could barely contain her excitement! She immediately rushed to the backyard and inspected all her new plants: the Chrysanthemum “Silver Princess,” the Lobelia “Laguna with Blue Eye,” the Salvia “Forest Fire,” the anemone “Jerusalem Red.” YAAAY! All were still upright! Even better: it appears naughty Gracie had not been able to circumvent the little defenses of brick and stone that self had painstakingly erected around each new planting.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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