For San Francisco Bay Area Filipino Film Enthusiasts

Filipino entries at the 28th Annual San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival!

Saturday, Mar. 13, 3:15 pm, Sundance Kabuki Five, $12

Retrospective:  Lino Brocka


A young woman in the slums of Tondo must remember to respect even her serpent-like mother, but when that mother’s much-younger lover casts his eyes (and hands) on her, all bets are off, in this tough-hearted melodrama that single-handedly destroys all notions of the sanctity of family life and maternal love.

Saturday, Mar. 13, 6 pm, VIZ cinema, $12

Classic Filipino American Shorts:

  • The Apl Song
  • Balikbayan
  • Diary of a Gangsta Sucka
  • Mahal Means Love and Expensive
  • Mail Order Bride of Frankenstein
  • Maritess vs The Superfriends
  • White Christmas
  • Winter

Thursday, Mar. 18, 9 pm, Pacific Film Archive, $12

Retrospective:  Lino Brocka

Bayan Ko:  My Own Country

Made during the latter days of the Marcos Administration, Bayan Ko is arguably Brocka’s most courageous film, a shocking political noir of how depoliticized individuals are still, no matter what, destroyed by economic circumstances.

And many more!

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