(December 2009) Filipinas Magazine Articles Self Most Enjoyed Reading

Self has been subscribing to Filipinas Magazine since Issue # 1.  She’s glad to see it has survived, and this evening she’s decided to catch up with back issues.  Let’s see, she’ll start with the December 2009 issue, the one with Oprah discovery singing sensation Charice.  All the articles are interesting, but here are the ones that kept self reading until the very last lines:

  • Greg B. Macabenta’s “Gustatory Gauntlet,” on how he learned to love the famous “Bicol Express”  (This article had a very clever opening)
  • Kristine Servando’s “The Secret in the Good Shepherd Sisters’ Recipes”  (Evoked self’s fondest memories of Good Shepherd ube jam, and had her stomach rumbling with insatiable hunger)
  • Bill Stephens’ photo essay, “Homeless in L.A.” (required reading for all college students who think they have it bad)
  • Regular columnist Christina Dunham’s “The Rude, the Bad and the Ugly,” which really had self commiserating (though Dunham almost lost her with her opening mention of Dale Carnegie)
  • Regular columnist Gemma Nemenzo’s “Is It Time?” on contemplating retirement in the Philippines (Self learned a lot from reading about Ms. Nemenzo’s personal experiences)

And now self has to turn her full attention to reading about “Adobong Puti” (“stewed pork and chicken in white vinegar”)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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