Barbara’s New Poetry Collection

Hold on to your hats, folks! As self breathlessly awaits the start of this year’s Oscar Awards Ceremony (Though there is very little suspense, as far as self is concerned — when self heard the organizers had nixed Sacha Baron Cohen’s skit on James Cameron, just a few days ago, she knew which movie would win Best Picture, and it’s not the one she wants!)

Anyhoo, back to the matter at hand. And that is: Barbara Jane Reyes’ new poetry collection now has an official press release!

The release date is September 2010.

From BOA Editions:

In her book, Diwata, Barbara Jane Reyes frames her poems between the Book of Genesis creation story, and the Tagalog creation myth of the muse, placing her work somewhere culturally in between both traditions. Also setting the tone for her poems is the death and large shadow cast by her grandfather, a World War II veteran and Death March survivor, who has passed onto her the responsibility of remembering. Reyes’ voice is grounded in her community’s traditions and histories, despite war and geographical dislocations.

Let’s all give her a big hand, dear blog readers!

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