Barbara’s New Poetry Collection

Hold on to your hats, folks! As self breathlessly awaits the start of this year’s Oscar Awards Ceremony (Though there is very little suspense, as far as self is concerned — when self heard the organizers had nixed Sacha Baron Cohen’s skit on James Cameron, just a few days ago, she knew which movie would win Best Picture, and it’s not the one she wants!)

Anyhoo, back to the matter at hand. And that is: Barbara Jane Reyes’ new poetry collection now has an official press release!

The release date is September Read the rest of this entry »

(December 2009) Filipinas Magazine Articles Self Most Enjoyed Reading

Self has been subscribing to Filipinas Magazine since Issue # 1.  She’s glad to see it has survived, and this evening she’s decided to catch up with back issues.  Let’s see, she’ll start with the December 2009 issue, the one with Oprah discovery singing sensation Charice.  All the Read the rest of this entry »

Ewan McGregor: Not since “Moulin Rouge” etcetera etcetera

Not since self watched Ewan McGregor in “Moulin Rouge” has she ever liked a performance by this actor as much as she did the one she saw today, in “The Ghost Writer.” (Gaad, what a pill that sentence was to write.  Self had to go over it at least 10x.  Her brain cells must be slowly asphyxiating from lack of sleep)

Self wanted to see “The Crazies” or “Brooklyn’s Finest” but lately she’s come to realize that going along with hubby’s choices can lead to some very interesting experiences.

OMG, self would rate this movie four stars!  Even now, hours later, she can still recall with relish particular scenes, like the one where Olivia Williams, the British actress who plays Pierce Brosnan’s wife in the movie (Self remembers her best from Late Lamented “Dollhouse,” where she played the boss of Eliza Dushku) says to Ewan:  “Are you ill?” and he replies “No.  Aging.  This place is like Shangri-la in reverse.”  BWAH HA HA HA! (And now self realizes the above dialogue is not quite as funny on the page as it was in the movie. Kudos, therefore, to Ewan for his impeccable timing and delivery!)

Or how about the scene when Our Man Ewan hands over massive manuscript to some guy in a suit (At least several inches thick: That’s the other thing about this movie. While watching, self never once paused to question why the ghost writer would still be toting around a hard copy instead of carrying around a disk!  Or perhaps this explanation was given at some point, but went right over self’s head?  Well, a disk is just so prosaic compared to actual paper. Wouldn’t you agree, dear blog readers?). This is all very cloak-and-daggerish: they meet at a diner next to a ferry which is supposedly on the “U.S. mainland” but self found it curious that the movie never showed any specific signs indicating the place (After she saw who the director was, she knew why). As the suit starts to peruse the manuscript Ewan tells him, “You don’t have to read it all now.  It’s the perfect cure for insomnia.”

The other actors —  Pierce Brosnan (In a very droll performance!  His best work since “Matador”!), Kim Cattrall (sporting a passable British accent, and still with the vamp-ish look), the Lady-Who-Played-Eliza-Dushku’s-Boss-in-“Dollhouse”, and stalwart Tom Wilkinson  —  were equally excellent.

Self kept trying to figure out who the Director might be.  And it was a real shock at the end, when she saw that the film was directed by TA-DA!

Roman Polanski


So, since the guy is a fugitive from justice, and cannot set foot on U.S. soil unless he wants to be arrested, the scenes that were supposed to have been set in the U.S. must have been shot in Europe.

Oh, this was a moody, moody thriller.  Self loved it.  It’s one of her two favorite movies so far in 2010 (The other being, of course, Denzel’s “The Book of Eli.”).  Ewan, you are now officially forgiven for the horrible “Angels and Demons.”

Forget “Shutter Island”!  If dear blog readers want to see a movie that channels Hitchcock correctly, see “The Ghost Writer.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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