Oh, Blog (Farewell for a Day or So, While Self is Airborne)

Self has been very remiss, staying away from you all day, not even checking the Olympics coverage (though it seems Bode Miller got a bronze!)

The weather was gorgeous, self took full advantage by pruning, weeding, fertilizing, arranging the new plants she bought from Wegman’s this morning.

She stopped to say hello to the neighbors, whose kids were selling lemonade for 50 cents a glass on the corner.

But, perhaps most important, she and hubby went to the Guild in Menlo Park and saw “The Last Station.”  And self would just like to say this:

Contemporary Scotland’s greatest gift to the English-speaking world is:

Ta-ra!  Lights, Applause!

James McAvoy!

The way that man can cry on-screen is just unbelievable!  But he does it in a way that is not wimpy!

When self was expecting with Dear Son, she happened to be reading War and Peace.  And was so ardently in love with Prince Andrei Bolkonski that she named son after —  Prince Andrei Bolkonski!   (Naturally, without the Bolkonski)

Self wishes the film-makers had chosen a different title for the movie, because by the time famous writer Leo Tolstoy (who they kept referring to as “Lev” in the movie, very confusing) got to “the last station” (duh), she knew he was about to expire.

Helen Mirren is still a dish.  Self well remembers this actress in horrible “Caligula” of 30 years ago, and then in “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover.”  Talk about a career arc!  Self loved every moment of Mirren’s performance.

And now self must finish packing.  She almost considered leaving her laptop behind  —  after all, she’s only going to be in the DC area for four days (Dear Cuz said today:  bring sneakers.  It is snowing, heavily), and Dear Cuz has even scheduled a reunion with self’s old Manila classmates, for Wednesday night.  What’s four days in the life of Kanlaon?  But then self decided she might be bereft during those three-hour layovers in Denver airport!  So she relented and is bringing her laptop.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers.  Stay tuned.

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