From an Ad in the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of POETS & WRITERS

Instant Gratification for Authors!

  • Your Books printed in 2 days
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Low prices — Easy ordering
  • Order 100 or more, get 25 free!
  • We even ANSWER our phones

(Casebound and Coil-bound books also available.)

2 responses to “From an Ad in the Nov/Dec 2009 Issue of POETS & WRITERS”

  1. Well, whenever I see ads like these, I use the “caveat emptor” (Buyer Beware) approach. I only posted because I found certain key phrases humorous, such as “Instant Gratification for Authors” and “We EVEN answer our phones!” In a perfect world, yes, authors would not have to toil away in obscurity, they would gain instant publication and instant gratification. They would ALSO encounter someone who takes your calls! But I’m sure there’s a catch somewhere.


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