So Far (In 2010)

  1. Self has finished reading one novel (Scott Smith’s A Simple Plan— horrific/ funny, the literary equivalent of a Coen brothers movie) and gotten halfway through another (Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, perhaps the oddest novel by a Japanese writer self has ever read).
  2. She bought an evergreen Magnolia tree and a small azalea (but has not had time to plant anything, not in the last two weeks, anyway)
  3. She brought Gracie to the vet and the li’l crit peed in her car. So then she had to bring her car to be cleaned.
  4. She watched one Netflix movie (“Away We Go”).
  5. She learned that she was a finalist in a novella contest.
  6. She got rejections from Per Contra and the Virginia Quarterly Review.
  7. She added eight pages to an incipient novel.
  8. She delivered old clothes (Would you believe, green pants — green!), an old Christmas tree stand, and a cotton candy maker (in working condition) to the Goodwill store in Menlo Park.
  9. She bought sheer yellow curtains from World Market in downtown Redwood City, and a pewter curtain rod with square finials from Pottery Barn in the Stanford Shopping Center.
  10. She watched “Gladiator” on TNT.
  11. She discovered a new favorite show: the BBC’s time-bending cop drama, “Life on Mars.”
  12. She saw hot clip of Spock and Uhura exchanging fake double entendrés in the lift of the Enterprise.
  13. She learned that there will be no “Spiderman 4” (not with Tobey Maguire, anyway).
  14. She learned that Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol.
  15. She made adobo (which, come to think of it, she didn’t make once, all last year) and cooked something called “orange spare ribs” in the crockpot (which came out delicious!)
  16. She went to Trader Joe’s in San Carlos and re-affirmed that their raisins are just about the most moist, chewy store-bought raisins self has ever tasted.

More later.

Thoughts While Watching “Away We Go” at Home

The film is by Focus Features. The same people who did “Pirate Radio.” (Which, by the way, is nowhere on list of Box Office Mojo’s Top 100 rankings for 2009. Do not tell self that movies like “Bride Wars” and “Old Dogs” made more money than “Pirate Radio”??? Quelle horreur!)

But, back to the movie at hand:

  • John Krasinski has a lot, a lot, a lot of facial hair in this movie. Self thinks it is all meant to be part of his “character” as a man slightly out of sync with his times. Sort of like a hippie throw-back (who happens to be 33)
  • Maya Rudolph is beautiful!  Self had no idea, none, that she could present so well in a movie (as opposed to SNL).  So unfortunate that she has to play “quirky.”  And in case you didn’t get the whole point of her quirkiness, the character she plays is named Verona.  Yup, like that town in Italy made so famous by Shakespeare!
  • Why would two thirty-somethings about to have their first baby care if the guy’s parents decide to move to Belgium?  When self had her son, she was in her 20s, and she was happy that it was just hubby and her, alone in all the wide world. And when she delivered, no one sent her flowers! But it was OK! Because she and hubby were alone in the wide world! And afterwards Dearest Mum tried to help, but self lost it when son was crying and Dearest Mum thrust her car keys into his mouth to keep him quiet! Which worked, actually, Read the rest of this entry »

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