New Name to Remember: John Simm

It was an ordinary, supremely ordinary evening in Redwood City.

Hubby arrived home, glum because the knocking sound in his car was getting louder.  “And I can’t get a new one, because I have your son’s $26,000 student loan to re-pay.”  (Self thinks: when son attends the cheapest school in the universe —  Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo —  and there is only one progeny in all the wide world, finishing up with a student loan of $26,000 is really scratch-your-head weird)

Well, he only has to make the payments until son gets a job.  A paying job, that is.  Right now, son has sent out applications to every bookstore in San Luis Obispo.  Amazingly, there are lines out the door for each bookstore opening.  Son tells the Barnes & Noble people that he’ll take the late shift, no problem.  Anything to avoid having to move back home —  BWAH HA HA HAAA!

Anyhoo, self is watching TV (the small one in son’s room; hubby’s watching some WW II show on the flat-screen HDTV in the living room) when she switches stations to KTEH (PBS).  And there is something immediately arresting about the dialogue of this BBC police procedural.  Self has no idea what she’s watching, but from the moment she catches sight of John Simm’s face, she is riveted (Lest dear blog readers get the wrong impression, this guy is not good-looking.  Not in the least. But he is just so compelling and watchable).

Self stays watching until —  OMG —  credits come on, and she learns she’s been watching some kick-ass British show called “Life on Mars.”

And of course she immediately googles the lead actor’s name.  And that is how she comes to hear of John Simm.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Another Earthquake! First Most Gorgeous Day of 2010

The sun is out!  The sun is out!  The sun is out!

There was another earthquake, also centered in Milpitas.  This one self didn’t feel at all.  It was slightly weaker than the one yesterday  —  measured 3.8 on the Richter Scale.

Self met Connie D, who she had not chatted with since son’s graduation from St. Raymond, a decade ago.  Connie has re-married, her younger child is graduating this year from Sonoma State, and she now has her own beagle, a beautiful girl named Bailey!  Who, needless to say, has a svelte figure (just like her owner) and looks to be about half Gracie’s size.

Afterwards, self drove to the Stanford Shopping Center.  And it only took three circuits of the parking lot before self found a space.  And she of course headed straight for Pottery Barn.  Which had a very meager sale.  Unfortunately, curtain rods and finials and drapes were not on sale.  Self did have fun looking at the sheer white curtains —  one striped pattern was so yummy-licious!  And at $29 a panel (Self only needs two) was not outrageously expensive.  Self also looked at bath towels.  And sofa cushions.  And she ended up getting a pewter expandable curtain rod with square finials, and a beautiful Tuscan vase (originally $39, on sale for $19).  As she was paying, the saleswoman exclaimed, “Oh you got one of these!” (meaning the vase).  A customer who was also waiting to pay said, “What is it?”  And the saleswoman said, “It’s one of the Tuscan vases.  And it took forever for these to go on sale!  A customer bought the biggest one, just yesterday!”  So self felt extremely lucky and happy.  And she already had something to put in the vase, for as luck would have it, self had some long curlicue stems (of a plant called spirea?) that Dearest Mum had given to self, purchased from a vendor at the Ferry Building Farmers Market, three years ago. Self had kept them stashed behind an old chair because she didn’t have a vase that was big enough.  But now she does!  Happy happy joy joy!

And after self got back home, she was able to catch “Oprah.”  And she cannot imagine anyone being able to fill this woman’s place, as Oprah had an array of women guests, all of whom were living perfectly ordinary lives until their husbands revealed themselves to be either:  a) serial philanderers; or b) criminals wanted by the U.S. government.  And all these excellent women described how they’d just had to “suck it up,” but all of them, in glam make-up and fabulous hair, looked as if they had indeed triumphed over adversity.

Self even managed to walk the dogs!  And Gracie, though panting, was actually able to walk on her own to the water dish after the walk was over.

Plan for the weekend?  Self thinks she will try convincing hubby that he can sit through “The Young Victoria,” showing at Palo Alto Square off Page Mill Road.

If that fails, self can always watch her Netflix movie, which arrived a few days ago, and which she hasn’t yet had the chance to view:  “Away We Go,” with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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