The Happiest Day of the Year (2009)

Today, trekked to the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.  Skies were overcast.  City was bitter cold.  The giant hydrangea bushes across from the Botanic Garden were leafless sticks. By the time we arrived (10 a.m.), a line had already formed in front of the museum, but was still manageable.  A lady just ahead of us in the line informed hubby that we could get $3 off the entrance fee by showing our Triple-A cards.

First stop was the roof garden.

The Living Roof

Next stop:  the Philippine coral reef (A wonder)

Upside-Down Jellyfish

Then we dutifully lined up for:  a) the Planetarium and b) the Rain Forest exhibit.

The Three-Story Rain Forest

Our last stop before leaving were the Charles Darwin and Madagascar exhibits.

A Madagascar Lizard

Finished up the day with a meal at Max’s Fried Chicken in San Bruno.  Son consumed an entire fried chicken, all by himself!  Hubby had pork sisig, and self had an absolutely scrumptious halo-halo.

After we got home, self opened two bottles of Martinelli sparkling cider and doled out slices of Whole Foods Strawberry Shortcake (absolutely the best strawberry shortcake on the Peninsula:  so full of strawberries).  What a scrumptious day.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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