Io9’s “Top Ten Sci Fi Disappointments of the Past Decade”

Self will enumerate io9’s choices, followed by some of her usual off-the-cuff commentary!

1. Battlestar Galactica’s final episode

    No, No. And no.

2. “The Dark Knight Strikes Again” (in which Io9’s Charlie Jane Anders claims that Frank Miller reveals himself to be no longer Frank Miller)

    Say it ain’t so! Now self will have to purchase the graphic novel, just so she can judge for herself.

3. “Firefly,” the series

    At least, the movie was good.

4. NASA and the space program

    Umm, in this category, can self nominate Al Gore? After his documentary and the Nobel, what is left except an overly-made up man on Letterman?

5. Ang Lee’s “Hulk”

    OK, OK, but this one had Eric Bana, so self can’t be too nit-picky.

6. “The Matrix” sequels

    How about the “Terminator” sequels? Self admits the third “Matrix” was bad (especially that hoo-ey ending and what’s-her-face dying. Finally), but surely not as bad as the later 3, 4 “Terminator” movies.

7. DC Comics’ Super-heroes Identity Crisis

    So at least Marvel Comics comes to the fore! “Iron Man” lives! “Spiderman” lives!

8. “Superman Returns”

    Say what? Shouldn’t a “biggest disappointment of the past decade” be something audiences actually watched?

9. “Heroes” Seasons 2 – 4

    As self only started watching this show after she became aware of Zach Quinto in “Star Trek,” she does admit that the show leaves something to be desired: Namely, there is not enough of Zach Quinto! And far too much of that blonde girl with the French-y last name!

10. “Watchmen,” the movie

    Wasn’t this directed by the same guy who directed “300”? And, following “300” casting formula, he stocked it with less than top-tier stars (perhaps hoping audiences would embrace actors like Billy Crudup and Matthew Goode more easily in their “Watchmen” roles? After all, strategy paid off big time with Gerard Butler in “300”? Alas, Billy Crudup is no Gerard Butler)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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