Self’s Investigations

Which have to do this morning with print-on-demand.

Because she is wild to find a U.S. publisher for some of her work.

And perhaps publishing (or indie publishing, at any rate) should follow the lead of the music world, which can, according to an article quoted in Luna Park, “lead to the same cornucopia for literature that the music world has already been enjoying.”

Something to think about, anyway.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

8 responses to “Self’s Investigations”

  1. Hi, Barb,

    No, I have not yet seen the New Pages indie publishers list (but I think, in the current state of the economy, maybe everyone is bleeding and it’s not pretty).

    You are also investigating print-on-demand? This may just be the way to go!


  2. Hi Marianne, yes on economy, though indie publishers manage to do it even if they have to scale back.

    As for POD, there are a few publishers who do this rather than traditional print runs. That’s what I am thinking about, throwing my hat in the ring as an indie publisher utilizing POD. I do think it’s the way to go, for reasons of cost, space, natural resources (use only the paper you need to use).


  3. Make your own printing house. Publish through Get your stuff in print. Then the libraries, universities, and friends can be your first line of customers.

    I’ll be in line.


  4. Kathleen!

    OK, will give this serious thought.

    AND, I have a confession to make: I still haven’t mailed you my book! B/c I’m down to my last copy! Asked my cuz to bring me back some when she goes home for Christmas.

    I will be reading in DC on Feb. 19! Staying with Maitoni! But, that’s really FAR from you I know …


  5. No to worry, I’ll wait for the cousin’s replenishment. Say HI to Maitoni. It’s an 8 hour drive but I think you’ll be near Luisa!


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