Self is exhausted. After spending the morning at Writing Center, then wandering over to Long’s to pick up some prescriptions, then to Safeway to pick up bags of Halloween candy (self made sure to buy only the kinds she hates: Hot Tamales), then failing to find any good pumpkins selling for less than $3, and picking up Luis Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter from the Redwood City Main Library (and, now that she’s seen the cover again, self is 99.76 % sure she’s borrowed it before, but she can’t remember when), self arrives home pretty “low bat” again. What is wrong? Could it be the fact that she’s had nothing to eat all day except a bag of barbecue-flavored potato chips from the vending machine just outside the Writing Center, and a coke float?

Alas, self finds it is quite impossible to go the whole day without eating, as was her plan. Yesterday, there was Crouching Tiger with Jonathan, Liza, and Zack, and afterwards self came home to find the whole house smelling like hot buttered popcorn (hubby was snacking on that on the couch). This morning, self successfully made it to the Writing Center without breakfast, but after she got home, and especially right now, she is famished.

What to do, oh what to do? Tomorrow is visit to Liza Erpelo’s class at Skyline College. Afterwards, self and Zack will have lunch at Goldilock’s (more eating, oh no!). And then, self is pretty sure she will make it to Manila in December. And that will be absolute disaster, weight-wise. Because it’s no use self claiming to be on a diet, Dearest Mum just luuuuvs to see self eating (even though Dearest Mum herself eats nothing, nothing, and weighs about 95 lbs., the better to fit into all those tight Zara jeans).

Now, self has decided that enough is enough. She’s going to cook herself a proper meal. Hunting around in the fridge, she dredges up a package of Italian sausage. Oh, good, she can fry those with rice and onions and green pepper, and she’ll be all set.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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