A Survey

Since self is now pretty sure of going home in December, and since there’s only so much a body can accomplish in three weeks (!!!), other than get horribly jet-lagged and fat,  self thought she’d better begin soliciting suggestions for:

  • The three best books by contemporary Filipino writers that she must buy to bring back with her to the States  (No coffee table books, please!  Self likes poetry, she likes prose, she likes graphic novels, she loooves  —  at the present moment, anyway  —   history and memoir and non-fiction)
  • The three best bookstores that she must be sure to visit in the three weeks that she is in Manila
  • The three movies she absolutely must see before going back home

Never mind restaurants or food! She’s sure she doesn’t need to eat one more thing, not one!

*    *     *

Call to Dearest Mum:  Why didn’t you send copies of The Lost Language with cousin who was just in Manila?  Self has a reading on Nov. 7, and it would have been so great to have the copies ready.  Dearest Mum replied, she is ashamed.  She doesn’t want anyone to read the book.  The stories are so violent.  Even her brothers couldn’t read it, they had to stop after the first 5 pages, never mind that self dedicated the book to Ying.  So,


(Now, self thinks:  how in the heck is she going to get through three weeks of December in Manila?  Hubby, though, maintains it will be very “good” for self to go.  Self wants to ask him:  And what do you know about it?  Did you ever have a family such as mine???)

Now self is wondering: which is worse, to have the maternal seal of approval, or not to have the maternal seal of approval?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

My Dears!

Self is exhausted. After spending the morning at Writing Center, then wandering over to Long’s to pick up some prescriptions, then to Safeway to pick up bags of Halloween candy (self made sure to buy only the kinds she hates: Hot Tamales), then failing to find any good pumpkins selling for less than $3, and picking up Luis Urrea’s The Hummingbird’s Daughter from the Redwood City Main Library (and, now that she’s seen the cover again, self is 99.76 % sure she’s borrowed it before, but she can’t remember when), self arrives home pretty “low bat” again. What is wrong? Could it be the fact that she’s had nothing to eat all day except a bag of barbecue-flavored potato chips from the vending machine just outside the Writing Center, and a coke float?

Alas, self finds it is quite impossible to go the whole day without eating, as was her plan. Yesterday, there was Crouching Tiger with Jonathan, Liza, and Zack, and afterwards self came home to find the whole house smelling like hot buttered popcorn (hubby was snacking on that on the couch). This morning, self successfully made it to the Writing Center without Read the rest of this entry »

A-Rod Just Walked

The weather this weekend was gorgeous, just gorgeous. Self saw a number of movies: “Alien” and “Alien 4” on cable, “Law-Abiding Citizen” in the downtown Century 20 (Pretty good: two-and-a-half out of four stars! Gerard Butler’s best movie since “300.” Though the opening scene quite had her cringing. It somehow reminded her of one of those Charles Bronson “Death Wish” movies, the ones where . . . never mind, self does not wish to be the source of any spoilers).

Now it is Sunday night. It’s do-or-die for the Angels. It’s the fourth inning, and the Yankees are leading. A-Rod’s walk forced in a run. Hubby declares that last pitch should have been a strike, but no one else seems to think so. Camera pans across the crowd at Yankee Stadium, and suddenly there’s Kate Hudson (A-Rod’s current squeeze?) peeking out tentatively over someone’s shoulder.

Earlier in the day, self met Zack, Liza and Jonathan at Peet’s on Broadway. Self noticed that there was a yoga studio just opened across the street, peacebank. City Pub was full, as usual, and so was Pamplemousse. We walked to Crouching Tiger and had a very late lunch (It was already 2:30, and Liza and Jonathan hadn’t eaten). Then stayed there for the next two and a half hours, talking.

Zack is slim (an inspiration to self to stop eating).

Hubby stayed home because it is fall. On TV, there are so many football games. 49ers lost (again), Raiders are abysmal, but Stanford creamed their opponent yesterday, Arizona State. And Notre Dame beat Boston College in a close game (though self thought both teams strangely sluggish).

Self dragged Liza to one of her favorite clothing stores, Pickled. Self tried on five ruffled, paisley-print blouses in different colors: blue, green, rust. The last one she tried on had beads all across the neck, and Zack said it was too much, but the green one looked pretty nice. $109! Too bad, self has to wait until it goes on sale. Self wanted Liza to try on a strapless evening dress. She’d look great in it! It was a deep eggplant color, with a little bit of sheen, and across the front were ruched flowers. Liza + dress = VA VA VA VOOM!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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