USA Ties Costa Rica!

It has been a very very good evening: hubby came scrambling home from the office, early enough to put out the trash, and in time to catch the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifying match between USA and Costa Rica.

OMG! Talk about excitement!

Costa Rica was leading 2-1, in the last 5 minutes.

Suddenly, OOOOHHH! A USA player (Bocanegra? Or Bornstein?) scores a goal! It’s tied! It’s over! USA scores an automatic berth in the World Cup! And now Costa Rica has to go into an elimination round against Uruguay! YAYYYY!! WOO-HOOOO!!

And self managed to get dinner on the table, even, in the midst of running back and forth to look at the screen!

Where is Dear Bro? He was supposed to be back from LA at noon today. But he never presented.

No matter. Self was able to get to the post office just before it closed, and mailed out a couple more stories.

This was a GRReat day! Of course, what would make it Super-Duper-Great would be if some of the stories self mailed out today (a really really long 30-pager, OMG; and a story told entirely in second person, more OMG; and self’s brand-newest story, which she actually had the guts to ask Dear Bro to read, and which he pronounced “grotesque” — !!!) get picked up. But, that is for the future. And self has no crystal ball. Which is why “simultaneous submission” is the name of self’s game, always.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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