2nd Sunday in October 2009

The 49ers lost, the Yankees won, Boston was eliminated today.

“Zombieland” made self laugh and laugh —  she can’t remember laughing that much at the movies (but now she remembers it wasn’t that long ago, Christoph Waltz’s crazy Hans Landa in “Inglourious Basterds”)

Self watched “Inspector Lewis” (low-key but absorbing, as self finds most British crime dramas, don’t ask why), then “The Next Iron Chef,” then “House.”  Dear Bro watched with her.  She discovered that his favorite show is something called “Kitchen Renovations.”

Self talked about how much she liked the Vanity Fair writer, William Langewiesche.  It turned out Dear Bro had also read the Langewiesche article on Somali pirates that was a few issues back, and amazed self by remembering such details as the fact that the women on a French ship were locked into a wine cellar by the captain (for their own protection, just before the ship was boarded by pirates), and that there was a lone man who took refuge with the women, who turned out to be Filipino (!!@@)

She discovered that Dear Bro feels nothing but scorn for Levi Johnston.  While self finds him entertaining, especially since she is sure he riles Sarah Palin no end with all his shenanigans.

Dear Bro likes Simon Pegg, and he talked about a movie where Simon plays a cop. Self also likes Simon Pegg, but the only movie of his whose title she remembers (aside from “Star Trek,” of course) is “Shaun of the Dead.”  Dear Bro also likes Hugh Laurie, and he mentioned a movie where Hugh Laurie appeared with the guy self knows only as “Mr. Bean.”

This is only a list, but a year from now it will be more than that.

Stay tuned.

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