Pretty Soon

Pretty soon self will forget that she was ever wakened by hubby this morning

at 8:30 a.m.

that she ran out to the street (feeling like a sleepwalker), when she heard the words

The dogs have gone!  Your brother left and forgot to close the front door!

Self made it two blocks down the street

in her pajamas

and pink furry slippers

and she forgot that she hadn’t combed her hair

and that her grey sweatpants made her look like a bag lady.

But she forgot everything, and she slipped and fell

And a neighbor came to her aid and picked her up

And self realized she was all alone  —  that is, hubby (smart man!) had not followed her on to the street.

And then she saw the two li’l crits by some bushes, and grabbed them both by the collars, and they struggled mightily to get away, so self fell down

And got even more bruised.

And then she limped home.

And then hubby (who had presented from somewhere, virtually out of thin air) said, “Let’s take your brother to a movie.”

And your brother, it turned out, had been on the driveway the whole time (but hadn’t seen self flying out the door in her pink furry slippers, in fact hadn’t even seen the two li’l crits making their way down the sidewalk).

And yes, both men would like to see a movie.

And we saw the first screening of “The Informant.”

And self knows not what to make of this movie.  There were moments when she wanted to go HA HA HA, but the faces of everyone on screen looked so serious that she was constrained.

There is a reason, dear blog readers, that there were only, like, 10 other people in the audience.

Stay tuned.


8 responses to “Pretty Soon”

  1. Haha..sounds like an adventurous awakening this morning. Thank you for sharing- although, you probably should have told the brother and hubby to go and watch it alone, so you could have stayed home and try and recover from the morning trouble..


  2. Oh, I’m so glad the lil crits were safe and sound in spite of their wild adventure. I would have cried if they got lost. Phew!


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