No Eggs in the Refrigerator

She can always pass by for eggs when she goes to the post office (where she has to go to mail something for son), but she’s already spent all morning in the Writing Center, it’s 1:20 p.m., and she wants to just run to the post office and back, quickly, so she can spend the rest of the afternoon writing.

Already, such an interesting day. Only one person came in all morning, but just as she was getting ready to leave, a student came by. So self decided to help him, and his paper was on the Book of Ezekiel and was full of Biblical quotes about God (Remember to capitalize that word, self reminded him). Then, suddenly, he indicated the book self had brought in with her to read while waiting for students to show (Freakonomics).

“Do you like that book?” he asked.

Self said she did.

“I love that book,” he said.

Self told him she had only reached the part about the sumo wrestlers. He said the best part was still ahead, about halfway. He went on and on and talked about how much he liked it.

So, a conversation like that, so unexpected, is really one of the joys of working in the Writing Center.

After self gets home, and before she rushes out the door again (and while she’s finishing her Netflix movie, “The Class”), she decides to update her Netflix queue, which she hasn’t looked at in many months.¬† And here¬† are the movies self has lined up:

  1. Tyson
  2. Fighting
  3. The Last House on the Left

She decides to drop “Fighting,” as the only reason she requested it was so that hubby could watch it. But, on second thought, he probably won’t like it (not as much as self did, anyway, for hubby can hardly be expected to go ga-ga over Channing Tatum), so she drops the movie and adds “Year One.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

Watching National Geographic, Reading (FREAKONOMICS and New Letters), Writing

So, here is self. It is just shy of 7 p.m., and it’s been a long and somewhat up-and-down day (although all the stress has been entirely created by self — over such things as: what to cook for dinner; and what time will hubby present; and how many pages of writing constitutes a “good” output for the day)

All afternoon, self kept the TV on the National Geographic channel. First they had a piece on Gitmo. Here were the guards, young men and women, and they looked scared. A constant stream of abuse emanated from the prisoners in the cells, and the Arabic words were provided with helpful subtitles (“American bastards! You create terrorists! Your women are bitches!”). Self thinks it is quite interesting that National Geo was able to get this kind of access. Probably would not have happened under the previous occupant of the White House.

Immediately after the Gitmo piece was one about a team of National Geographic reporters imbedded with a unit in Afghanistan. At the end of one day, they had the bad luck to hit an IED. Seven people, including two members of the National Geographic team, were either killed or wounded, the worst IED incident “in five years.” Self hadn’t really been paying attention until it got to this part: as usual. she was multi-tasking, reading a gazillion different things, all scattered on the couch around her. But that last episode did get her attention.

And the piece she just happens to be reading in New Letters, “Three Hooks,” (the Essay Award winner, judged by Thomas E. Kennedy), just happens to be about a soldier. The first sentence is:

“The bullet left a hole in the man’s belly large enough you could see the ground through it.”

Well, that’s quite a grabber of a sentence. The setting of the piece is Lebanon. The author is Robyn Anspach, identified in the Contributor notes as a graduate of the MFA program at the University of Michigan who “currently works for Google.”

Self is writing a piece about a body that vanishes. No, this is not “The Invisible Man.” At least, self doesn’t think so (though how can she say for sure, when she’s never read the Ralph Ellison novel? What if she were channeling him unawares? Self has to admit it could happen). Sometimes she thinks she should stop because she has no idea what she is doing. But, then, she would miss out on the fun of knowing how the story can/should end.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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