This Evening: TV

Self watched “Dancing with the Stars” instead of the new “NCIS: Los Angeles.” The lure of Baz Luhrmann as a guest judge was just too much. Also the chance to see whether Tom DeLay would actually make it to the next round. Also the chance to see whether Kelly Osbourne would make it to the next round.

Baz selected a woman named Mya to perform again tonight with her partner. She had great, big false eyelashes and seemed to be channeling Cheryl Burke. Kathy Ireland got eliminated: Oh, too bad. Tom DeLay hung in there, good: Self wants to see how much pain he can withstand and whether he can actually support Cheryl Burke (He nearly dropped her at the end of his last dance, the tango). And oh, Baz was just too too cute (swoon)! Too bad he was only filling in for the old guy.

After “Dancing with the Stars”, self watched the premiere episode of a new series starring Christian Slater, “The Forgotten.” She thought he played a cop, but about halfway through the episode she realized he wasn’t: he was part of an organization of concerned citizens moon-lighting as investigators, going by the name “The Forgotten Network.” (Hmmm…) Jury still out on whether the treacly voice-over (of the murder victim, a young woman) is an effective device: self thought it smacked too much of The Lovely Bones, alas! Still, she found the show absorbing enough to watch till the end.

Then, the news came on, and if you can believe this, there is a Tsunami Alert for the Bay Area. Apparently, there was a strong earthquake somewhere in the South Pacific, which triggered the tsunami, now supposedly heading for Pacifica. The reporter says it’s the width of the tsunami that is the most worrisome aspect: it is said to be “at least 100 feet wide.” (How big is 100 feet? Self doesn’t think that sounds very big) People are being warned to “stay out of the water and off the bridges.” Oh, the excitement!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.


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