More News From the P. I. (That’s “Philippine Islands”, For Those of You Not in the Know!)

There was a huge typhoon!

Dearest Mum said she was flooded out of her own house and had to spend the last couple of days in someone’s high-rise condo!

The Magallanes overpass was impassable!

Dearest Mum’s latest concert was cancelled!  So were the UAAP college basketball games (big this time of year)!

Self’s Ateneo classmates are getting together a fund drive (Death toll hit 240, dear blog readers, it is terrible)

*          *          *          *

Further tidbits from the recent Manila International Book Fair:

  • Dearest Mum went, with self’s eldest brother, and they bought a dozen (Dearest Mum said it was 15) copies of her book.  Afterwards, Dearest Mum said she gave a copy to each of self’s three brothers. A few days ago, Dearest Mum asked brother YooHoo (That truly is his name, dear blog readers.  Dearest Mum has such a penchant for giving funny names to her children!) what he thought of self’s stories. Bro replied, “I only read partway into the first story, but I couldn’t finish.” That story happened to be the one about the severed hand — BWAH. HA. HA. HA. HA!!!  Dearest Mum tells self that next time, she should make sure the violent stories are at the end.  Otherwise, people might have the same reaction as Dear Bro and stop reading.
  • Dearest Mum bought self a complete multi-volume set of the writings of Ambeth Ocampo! (TY, Dearest Mum!)
  • Dearest Mum said she also bought self a “Jose Rizal” T-shirt! She wanted one in black, but they had run out. So she told the salesperson (a guy), who was wearing the only remaining black Jose Rizal shirt: “How much for yours?” And he said, “But, ma’am! I am wearing it!” And she goes: “So what? Take it off! Of course I’ll wash it before giving it to my daughter!” So he did. There! Self can hardly wait, dear blog readers, to get that black used Jose Rizal T-shirt!

Stay tuned.

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