Last Sunday in September 2009

Son went to catch a concert in Golden Gate Park. Free, and Jason Mraz was supposedly one of the performers.  Afterwards, the plan was for him to meet up with niece and have dinner at Max’s in South San Francisco.

Self is completely wiped out.  She’s lolling around, reading.  Hubby went to Safeway and came back with a whole lot of TV dinners, an enormous bunch of broccoli (“Only 99 cents!”) and a raspberry pudding cake (“$2.99!”)

After about an hour, the phone rang.  It was son.

He was in Golden Gate Park, in Sharon Meadow, and there was nothing there.  “Can you look for the event on the web and tell me where?” he asked.

Self checked, googling “Jason Mraz + Sept. 27”

“Jason Mraz is performing in the Rose Garden,” she told son.

“Where’s that?” son asked.

“Ooops!  That’s in Portland.  He isn’t there.  Your friend gave you the wrong information.”

But son maintained he’d seen the event on-line, just before he left.

“Give me another performer,” self said.

Son said, “Train.”

Self tried “Train + Sept. 27” but after a moment decided to throw in Golden Gate Park, just for good measure.

Nope.  Nothing.

Son then said, “Try stringing all the performers together, because that’s how I found it on the net last night.”

Oh, right!  So self tried “Train, Howie Day, Sept. 27”.  And something popped up.  “Oh, the Now and Zen Festival,” she said.  “Right?”

Right.  So self was able to tell son (who is somewhere in the grand concourse, between the de Young and the Academy of Sciences) that he must take Kennedy Drive, and the concert was where Kezar intersected Kennedy Drive.  But she isn’t that good at giving directions, so she handed the phone to hubby, who then proceeded smartly:  “Go north, then make a right on the first main road, which should be Kennedy.  You’ll pass the Conservatory.  You’ll pass xxxx, then you should be there.  Just keep heading East.”

Self wanted to know why hubby didn’t just tell son to ask directions.  That’s what she would do, if she were lost in Golden Gate Park.  She told hubby to tell son to ask a passerby where Stanyan was.  But he ignored her.

After 10 minutes, self decided to call son.  “I’m there!” he said, happily.

This is what self learned about the event:

The concert is sponsored by Radio Alice, 97.3.  The performers are Train, Colbie Caillat, Howie Day, and “one of the original emo bands,” Dashboard Confessional.  Self did get one thing right:  Jason Mraz is performing in Portland today.  There are even times listed for the specific performers.  And self, consulting this schedule, sees that son missed Dashboard Confessional and Howie Day, but might be able to catch the tail-end of Colbie Caillat, and he’ll get all of Train.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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