Quote of the Day: NY Times of 23 September 2009

The following quote is from an article by Sabrina Tavernse in today’s New York Times:

“New Wardrobe Brings Freedom to Women in Pakistan’s Swat Valley

When the Taliban took control here in February and forced women into burqas, an epidemic of clumsiness swept this city.  Women began banging into lamp posts.  Nurses fumbled needles.  Many simply stopped going out altogether.

Now the Taliban are mostly gone, driven out by a military operation this summer, and the women of this northern Pakistani city, the largest in the Swat Valley, are returning to public life.  Teachers are back at work, maids are commuting to jobs across town and nurses are giving injections without having to squint through a coarse layer of netting.

Quite an interesting beginning, wouldn’t you say, dear blog readers?

In the same newspaper, on the same page, a little farther down, was this small item:

Pakistan:  Militants Destroy a School for Girls

Islamic militants blew up a girls’ school close to Peshawar, the main city in northwestern Pakistan, on Tuesday, the police said. The school was empty at the time and no one was injured.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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