Quite a Successful Day

Self is preparing to send out a manuscript for another contest (Yes, hope does spring eternal, and so forth and so on). She was dithering about whether or not it was worth coughing up the contest entry fee, but she was looking through some old letters and there was something from someone praising that very manuscript self had been planning to send! Self then took it as a sign from God and decided that she would mail out her piece (yes, nothwithstanding $25 contest entry fee– GAAAH!) forthwith!

In addition, self got a new rice cooker. It is an eight-cup capacity, bright red and chrome thing (from Walgreen’s, of all places, and that was the only color they carried: bright, fire-engine red). Now, the new rice cooker is sitting on the counter, and looks very “designer,” as if self all along intended to have a red appliance. The reason she needed a new rice cooker is: One day, she happened to go to the city to meet up with niece, and when she got back, after maybe 10 hours, the rice cooker was broken. Which was really strange, because when self left that morning, she had just used it. So, hubby must have done something to it, but since he was sitting in front of flat-screen HDTV, quiet as a mouse, self really could not go around pointing her finger and accusing him. Anyhoo, let’s not cry over spilled milk, etc, because now self has a new rice cooker, and it is red, and it only cost $14.29.

The next good thing is: self was able to buy a New York Times from the Starbucks nearest her house. It was late in the day, and usually, when self goes looking in Starbucks for a Times, they have sold out. But, on her way home from Walgreen’s, she decided to stop and check, and what do you know, there were still two copies of that day’s Times left!

This truly was self’s lucky day!

Then, hubby came home two hours early, which usually throws self’s whole schedule off, but today she was able to whip up a very delicious soup, in about half an hour, using a recipe from Donna Hay’s The Instant Cook. This recipe called for smoked salmon (which self just happened to have on hand — hallelujah!), potatoes, dill, heavy cream, and the juice of half a lemon. Self put the whole thing (except for the salmon) in the blender to smooth the consistency and texture, and it was dee-lish!

Pats on the back, self! Pats on the back. Stay tuned.

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