CSI NY: Fifth Season Begins Next Week

So, self is settled on the couch with a dish of warmed up apple pie and a glass of milk. It is 10:15 p.m. in California. Self had a somewhat stressful day and ended up venting to aunt about her latest conversation with Dearest Mum. But, pshaw! Self doesn’t want to get into all of that now, not when she’s watching CSI NY, self’s favorite of all the various CSIs. First of all, this one has Gary Sinise, whose posture is just so, so — admirable! (When self was in Chicago, she found out that Sinise was one of the founding members of Steppenwolf). And her favorite character is Danny, because of his accent.

She is so glad that Sinise dumped or was dumped by Clare Forlani, for the romance angle simply doesn’t work — for Sinise, that is. It does work for Danny and Lindsey. Oh, the convolutions of that relationship! First, the unexpected hooking up, and then Danny’s execrable affair with his single-mom neighbor, and then Lindsey forgave him and she got pregnant with Danny’s baby, and then she gave birth, and, and —

Self hopes they are not going to bump off one of these two characters in the coming season. They’d better not! Do you hear, Gary? You’d better not bump off one of these two!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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