Zach Quinto — Er, DEL POTRO Wins U.S. Open!

Some guy who self had never heard of just won the U.S. Open!

This is the guy who self started watching last week, when she noticed a resemblance to Young Spock! She didn’t even know his name! Well, guess who stunned Federer in the U.S. Open finals today? Yup, it was the Quinto guy! No, his name is Juan Martin del Potro, and he is from Argentina. Congratulations, Juan Martin! You are the next tennis dreamboat.

* * *

On a sadder note, Patrick Swayze has died.

Oh, Patrick, self remembers how hot you were in “Point Break,” surfer-gangster movie you made with the pre-“Speed” Keanu Reeves (a movie that just happened to be directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who also happened to direct self’s favorite film so far of 2009, “The Hurt Locker”)

Strange, self never saw “Ghost,” the other movie you were famous for. Though she could describe the entire plot, point by point, and even describe the famous scene where Demi and Whoopi, channeling your character, danced.

Oh, how sad self was when hubby told her the news, earlier this evening.

* * *

And what about that Video Music Awards ceremony? So exciting, Kanye West jumping on-stage like that and terrorizing country music sweetie Taylor Swift! And the poor girl became completely flustered, and the whole evening just went bananas, and afterwards Swift performed in a New York subway! Even though she was so emotional after what happened to her! See, the only way she could recover her composure was to sing in a public place! Way to go, Taylor!

And then Kanye was on the Jay Leno show this evening! And he said he wanted to say something! And he cried because he was just so upset that he had hurt Taylor’s feeeelings! And self thought: What is wrong with this picture? Isn’t it Taylor who should be crying, over having her big moment ruined by this jackass???

(As usual, Open Salon readers come up with the appropriate response. One person wrote: “I wish Pink had won because if Kanye did that to her, she would have clocked him!”)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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