Watching Kate Beckinsale

Boy, the weekend went fast, didn’t it?

Seemed like it was just Friday, and self was rushing around getting together the San Miguel and Red Horse beer and rice and pancit molo ingredients for the Saturday dinner in Half Moon Bay with her gourmet group, and now it is Sunday evening.

It is raining.  Oh, how lovely are Sunday evenings when it rains!  No need to water, though self quite misses the chance to plant something.  No matter, perhaps tomorrow.

Came home so uncommonly late from Half Moon Bay. The group, which meets several times a year to try out dishes based on a particular theme, was trying Filipino dishes for the first time, and self was all in a frazzle the last two days, trying to decide what to make. After the dinner, self realized that Filipino food is really hard for people who are not Filipino to make. In fact, some people just gave up and made sate babi or something else (But the desserts and the mung bean stew were really, really good.  Cassava cake, made by someone who had never even seen one before, was five stars!)

Self also discovered (too late!) that cuchinta and those little white cakes of puto are better when heated up a little. People picked one or two, but self still went home with two dozen, and when self tried one of the white puto, cold, it was bleeeaah! Hard! No wonder only one was eaten.

Today, self and hubby decided to see a movie. It was a choice between “Gamer” and “Whiteout.” We decided on “Whiteout.” Though self wouldn’t describe it as “A-list,”, at least it did not insult her intelligence.

Kate Beckinsale is a very appealing actress, and self can’t remember seeing her in any stinkers. There are some actors and actresses who, no matter their talent and/ or popularity, end up in some real stinkers. Such as Mark Wahlberg. Such as Mila Jovovich. Such as Nicole Kidman. Not Beckinsale, however. When presented with a Beckinsale movie, even one that arrives with no hoopla, like “Whiteout,” self knows that at the very least the script will make sense. In terms of suspense  —  well, this is not “The Hurt Locker.” But there can only be one “Hurt Locker.”  During the movie, self and hubby were constantly going back and forth, trying to guess the identity of the killer who keeps bumping off the people on the base (If self were to try to place this movie in a genre, she would have to say it’s something of a cross between “Ten Little Indians” and “Deep Blue Sea”: the setting is a research station in the middle of nowhere, and in addition to finding out who killed who, the protagonists have to battle the elements.  In this movie there is mention made of the aurora borealis.  Just in case one needed reminding that the movie is set in the Antarctic).  First hubby said he thought it was the pilot.  But self said no, it was probably the handsome FBI guy.  At one point, self was even half-convinced that the killer had to be Beckinsale herself, suffering from multiple personality disorder (A very crucial key to her character is presented in multiple flashbacks).  Self thinks it is a good sign when the audience feels engaged enough to partake in this guessing game.

Here are a couple of things self learned after watching “Whiteout”:

  • Even a U.S. research station in the Antarctic has its share of exuberant free spirits.  Exhibit A:  the streakers who present to Ms. Beckinsale, early in the movie.
  • Yes, indeed, there are U.S. marshalls assigned to scientific research stations, even those in the most out-of-the-way places, for Beckinsale’s character plays one.  This is a fact that is exceedingly comforting to self, for she feared that with all the country’s current budget problems, there would be a cut in staffing of security personnel.  Apparently, this movie makes clear, that is not so.  Of course, you may end up with only one U.S. marshall, when two or even three would have been optimal, but one is better than nothing.  Especially when that one has the smarts and physical attributes of Kate Beckinsale.
  • White lycra underware looks good. At least, it does on Kate Beckinsale.
  • When you are in a research station in the Antarctic, you walk from building to building by following a guy wire (at least, you do when it is snowing)
  • It is possible to be stranded on a research station for six months and not have sex, even if your two companions are both male and both good-looking.  Now, self can’t say for sure that la Kate did not have sex with either of the two surviving males in the research station, but she did treat them both with an easy familiarity that (to self, at least) seems to indicate that she was intimate with neither.  How’zat for insightful deduction?

Self thinks that if she upped her star rating from four stars to 10, this movie would be a solid “six.”

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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