Tomorrow, Sept. 11

While everyone else is commemmorating the World Trade Center (or should be), self is remembering the fact that tomorrow is Ying’s birthday.

It’s also the day she passed away, a year ago, in Tel Aviv.

My mother had stepped out of the room for a moment, my brother was taking his son to breakfast: she passed away peacefully. A nurse noted the time of death and went looking for my mother to tell her. Ah, what a loss. Ying, companion of my adventures (Angkor Wat, Bangkok, Bohol, Cebu, Divisoria, the Salcedo Village Farmers Market, Scout Limbaga and Timog Avenue) and staunch champion of self’s writing.

She said she wanted to go to India and live on an ashram. And then she found out she was pregnant with Anita.

When she died, it was the morning of Sept. 11 in Tel Aviv.

Which means, right now.

the apartment on Ruppin Street, Tel Aviv 2008
the apartment on Ruppin Street, Tel Aviv 2008
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6 responses to “Tomorrow, Sept. 11”

  1. Hi Marianne….

    I can’t believe that a year has already flown by…So sad.

    Just out of curiosity, what number Ruppin street did you live at? I had just purchased a load of books from somebody on Ruppin St, (#10)…


  2. Hi, Yosef,

    I’ll find out the exact address on Ruppin! We sub-let from a violinist. The apartment was on the right side (as you face Gordon Street). In fact, it was only a block and a half from Gordon.


    • That’s OK, it is’t the same building…but I must agree that Ruppin is one of the nicest streets to live on in Tel Aviv, central yet quiet, and only a block from the beach.


  3. I know! I loved that area. I used to walk around by myself at night. I made a good friend there, he was managing a boutique next to a restaurant called The Brunch. I’d go in to his shop to relax, and he’d let me try on all the dresses! He knew I couldn’t buy anything, but he’d make of it a game. Once he even said to me, “Darling, put that dress away. You look like you’re getting ready to clean house.” @@##!!!


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