Regrets, Ian/ & Gratitude for the Following Reviewers

Self returned Saturday to the library today.  It was too slow, too plodding, too lacking in a certain je-ne-sais-quoi. (Oh my goodness! Self only wrote that because she read somewhere that Ian McEwan hates blogs and never trawls on the internet!)

Last night, she began reading the next novel on her list, Mary Gaitskill’s Veronica. And, oh! What a book it is. Self stayed up half the night reading.

How did she — ? Gaitskill, self means.

But this is self’s first Gaitskill as well.

Self is always playing catch-up, in her reading.

And before she closes out this post for the day (and a very bee-yoo-ti-ful Tuesday it’s been!), self decided to peruse the Pacific Rim Review of Books. And lo and behold, she saw there a review by Frances Cabahug, which as usual was a very well-written review.  And she was reminded that self’s Mayor of the Roses was reviewed by Frances a couple of years ago, and that review happened to make self’s entire year.

And self would just like to take this opportunity to say:

Thanks loads, Frances!

Self thinks she might as well tell the world how bowled over she was when she found out Frances was just 23 years old!!!  She is a real prodigy.

And while self”s at it, here are several more reviews that helped self along, and made it easier for her to endure the stresses of this writing life:

  • The Utne Reader, which reviewed Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila
  • That woman writer for The Philippine Inquirer who reviewed Ginseng and Other Tales from Manila (She did say something about self being a “foreign” writer.  How could self have been a foreign writer?  She was just a few years out of grad school and U. S. citizenship wasn’t even a twinkle in her eye!)
  • Ms. Magazine for mentioning Ginseng and Other Tales From Manila in a preview of upcoming books
  • Susan Muchshima Moynihan, who reviewed Going Home to a Landscape for MELUS (If the review were a person, self would want to hug it.  It is that amazing)
  • Rocio G. Davis, who reviewed Mayor of the Roses for Calyx Journal
  • Anhoni Patel, who wrote a capsule review of Mayor of the Roses for the San Francisco Chronicle Book Review (which famously began with the line about needing a margarita to go with the book, but anyhoo)
  • Tania Hershman, who featured a review of Mayor of the Roses for The Short Review, and published a companion interview with self! Thanks loads, Tania! (If only self had known Tania was in Jerusalem, when self was visiting Ying in Tel Aviv. She would have gone over and introduced herself)

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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