It’s Gone, It’s Gone

Self means her post, the one she wrote about gardening just a few minutes ago.  All of a sudden, wordpress went ka-blooey.

Self hates to malign wordpress, for it’s such a great blogger’s site.  But, well, such things do happen.

Anyhoo, the post self wrote was about the end of summer, gardening goofs, nostalgia, etc etc

And now, all she can remember is:

  • She hates yellow (flowers, that is).  And why do all of her daffodils and narcissus have to be yellow?  Why did she get three yellow roses, and why are those the most profusely blooming of all her roses?
  • She hates spiky-looking flowers. She loves fat flowers: peonies, roses, even the blue buds on delphiniums.
  • This summer, self developed hatred of verbena and scabiosa.  Boo, they were over-run by snails, and in spite of copious watering, they never “took.”
  • Self loooves Home Depot!  All the plants she bought from there thrived, and are nice and fat now!
  • Self also loves Dusty Miller.
  • And she loves lavender (three plants she bought from the Lavender Farm in Atascadero, when we went for son’s graduation, are nice and fat now!).
  • And, as well she loves shade plants (Self just realized that the healthiest plants in her backyard are shade plants!  Ergo, her garden must be —  duuuh —  a shade garden!)
  • And she loves potted bougainvillea and hydrangea.  This summer, she bought a Purple Queen bougainvillea and a blue hydrangea and potted them, and both are now unbelievably big!
  • And she loves lychnis chalcedonia!  Self loves their bright orange flowers!
  • And she loves bright yellow canna lilies!  She bought three bulbs from Redwood City Nursery in the spring and waited almost too long to put them in the ground, but a few weeks ago their leaves started to push up through the soil and it was the most exciting thing!

Duds in her garden:

  • heuchera
  • lobelia
  • aforementioned:  scabiosa and verbena
  • gardenia (After four tries, this last gardenia —  Gardenia “First Love” —  took, but in three years has produced not one flower)

And here are specimens that self at one time attempted to plant, but that have since disappeared without a trace:

  • a “Blanc Double de Coubert” rose
  • coleus
  • houttuynia
  • rudbeckia

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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