A Short Post on “Extract”

What would a weekend be without a movie?

At least, that is what self asks herself, every time a weekend rolls around. Judging from the previews just before “Extract,” which hubby and self watched yesterday at the downtown RWC Century 20, there are precious few action movies, but plenty of family dramas, like one featuring Robert de Niro as the dad of a wonderful brood: Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, and Sam Rockwell. (Why do the three children all have different accents? Kate Beckinsale has a British accent and Drew Barrymore has an American accent and Sam Rockwell speaks like something between the two. Self knows that in the movie all will be explained, but in a preview she finds it mighty distracting!)

But there is also a movie with Clive Owen playing a single dad trying to bring his two sons (by different mothers) together. Looks super, and Clive looks absolutely dee-lish! Maybe he can stop making American movies now? Incidentally, the guy who plays his older son looks a little like the red-haired actor who plays the Harry Potter side-kick, Ron.

There’s also a Steve Sorderbergh comedy featuring a fat Matt Damon. Please, self wants to ask Sorderbergh, no fat Matt Damon movies in the future. It’s just too depressing! Can’cha wait at least 10 years, by which time he really will be fat and old?

So, back to “Extract” : Jason Bateman is OK as the lead, but Ben Affleck is hilarious as the pill-popping bartender. Self did not know who the sultry vixen was, until the end credits revealed her to be Mia Kunis. Saturday Night Live’s Kristen Wiig is in this movie, and she is not allowed to let it rip, too bad. But, she has very nice legs! There is a dumb blonde Lothario with snaggle teeth and a puka shell necklace. Also, Clifton Collins, Jr. and Gene “Kiss” Simmons with horrible hair (it looked like he was wearing a bottle brush on his head).

So, it was a modest, fitfully entertaining movie, and very short: only 90 minutes. Hubby got a call in the middle, and sat there and re-played the call three times. As a result, he managed to eat up 10 minutes. Everyone around us sat poker-faced. Perhaps they were asleep?

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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