Saturday in the City, Beautiful!

Oh, today was splendid, simply SPLEN-did, dear blog readers! Self was in the City, meeting up with niece G, who she had not seen since niece’s graduation from Stanford. Since then, so many things have happened: self has been to New York, Michael Jackson has died, and niece has started teaching at Daniel Webster Elementary School. It was so wonderful to get together, and Luis Francia’s play provided the perfect occasion! Niece really liked the anthology he co-edited, with Angel Shaw, Vestiges of War. She said she had used a lot of the information for a senior paper.

So, self went to the City (successfully negotiating BART, but it took her an hour and a half, starting from the minute she exited her house to the arrival at the Civic Center station — compared to New York’s subways, BART is pathetic), and watched Luis’ play with niece (Super-entertaining! And not a dull moment! Self couldn’t help wondering, afterwards, why more people don’t write political satires, this age seems so rife for it).  Afterwards, niece, poet Karen Llagas and self had dinner at a fab Vietnamese restaurant at the corner of Ellis and Larkin (Pagolac), and then stopped by a large Vietnamese grocery (called, somewhat improbably, Lee’s Sandwiches) where self loaded up on something that looked like cassava, and three huge spring rolls, and something called banh tet chuo that Karen told self had a fried banana inside (yum yum!), and the bill for everything came out to only $8.50 (!!@@##)

Karen Llagas and niece at the corner of Ellis and Larkin, today
Karen Llagas and niece at the corner of Ellis and Larkin, today

Well, it was a very successful day (even the weather in the city was cooperative), and aside from Karen Llagas and niece, self saw the following people:

  • Josef Anolin
  • Wilma Consul
  • the playwright himself (looking very debonair)
  • Edwin Lozada
  • Alleluia Panis
  • Lou Syquia (looking much the same, even after all these years)

Afterwards, self got to chat a little with Josef, and he revealed that he was doing stand-up comedy that night (and self can’t remember the name of the place — aaargh!). Later, niece revealed to self that she had always been interested in stand-up, had even taken a class on it at Stanford!

Anyhoo, it was a very successful, very eventful day. Even hubby was happy, because he got to watch football on TV all day, without interruption.

Luis is coming back first Saturday in October, to give a PAWA-sponsored workshop and reading.  Edwin and Barb are really doing such a great job organizing those PAWA events!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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