Self Thought About This Earlier Today

. . . while she was at the Writing Center (There were students! Hallelujah!). She was reading a short story about people who work at a garbage dump, who make a horrific discovery and — whoa! Self! Stop right there! Have you forgotten, it is almost time for dinner ???

Well, the point is:

Self also has a severed hand story!!!

Apologies if this is just too much for you, dear blog reader.  Self really really likes this story, it had its genesis in an on-line writers group that Cecilia Brainard started, years and years ago.  Alas, that group is no more.  But a piece self wrote for that group continued to percolate in self’s brain, until, until —

the moment when it became a story!  And got picked up by The Chattahoochee Review (In the Emerging Writers Issue, Spring/Summer ’08)!  And self is so grateful to editor Marc Fitten!

Thank you, Marc!

(The other Emerging Writers included in the issue were:  Alethea Black, Anne Stameshkin, Yvonne A. Jackson, and Murzban Shroff.  Read their work, dear blog readers!  Each of their pieces blew me away.)

Here’s the beginning of my story:

Edgar wanted me to help him get rid of a hand.  When he showed it to me, I had a hard time believing it was real.  It was stiff and bloodless.  The upraised palm had the tattoo of a pentagon in what must have once been dark blue ink.  I thought the fingers might belong to a woman.  When I closed my eyes, I could see her:  dark hair framing her face in a loose Afro, full red lips.

“I found it in the dumpster,” he said, shrugging and smiling, mocking me with those thin lips of his, those white teeth.

And that’s about all self can write for now, because she’s hungry and needs to make dinner.

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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