Hello, A Singing Show and No Pinay ???

Self had such a blissful evening of TV watching (which is always the best kind). First she watched a show re-capping the Best 15 routines of the past five seasons of “So You Think You Can Dance?” (Self thought the most amazing piece was something called “Addiction” by this season’s Kayla and Kupono)

(Which brings to mind that last night, self was watching a TV news report on the most expensive real estate in the country, and self learned that Atherton was # 2, and in an interview with an Asian woman who turned out to be dancer Cheryl Burke’s mom — who knew, dear blog readers, who knew Cheryl Burke was raised in Atherton??? — self learned that there was an honest-to-God ballroom installed in Burke’s childhood home. Once again, self digresses)

Next: a new show called “Glee.” Hmmm, interesting cast: the middle-aged woman boss in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” and a girl who was in “Red Eye” with Rachel McAdams. And, self must say, the guy who plays Glee Club director is cute — except when he smiles — and did self ever tell dear blog readers that she, too, was a member of her high school glee club? Her audition song was by Carly Simon!

In this episode, the Glee Club was holding auditions: what, no pinay??? There were a number of ethnicities represented (also two white guys, but one was gay and the other one was in a wheelchair, with glasses), but really, where is this high school located? Simi Valley?


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