YAY!! Other Good Stuff

While self was getting all sweaty in the garden, the phone rang. Self has given up dashing inside to try and reach the phone before it goes to voice mail, for she knows from long experience that she never gets there in time.

When self finally went and checked the message, it was from niece G!!! Who she’d invited to go with her to the reading of Luis Francia’s play this weekend!

Just a little update on niece: She graduated from Stanford this June (Self forgets who the commencement speaker was. She’s sure it wasn’t anyone like Steve Jobs or Oprah. Or James Franco. Was it the Google founder? Nooo. Then who was it? Think, self, think!) Now, niece is going to begin her first year of teaching for Teach For America: at Walter Hill? Is that in Potrero? Niece was sooo lucky (so was self!) that she got assigned to San Francisco! Now self will see more of her!

Stay tuned, dear blog readers, stay tuned.

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